3 Inspiring Reasons to Delegate

And a Tool to Help You

For some managers, delegating comes easily, but for many it’s hard to let go and even harder to know exactly what to delegate and to whom. If you’re not already a master at delegating — or if you know you could be delegating more — here are 3 reminders of why it’s worth it to get over the hurdle.


1. When you delegate more, more doors open for you

Delegating gives you time to grow in the direction you need to in preparation for taking on roles with greater responsibility. Leadership notices when you’re caught up in the dailies and may make the assumption that you’re not ready to move up, you’re not leadership material, or that a change may be required in your existing leadership role. 

2. When you delegate more, you have time and energy to mentor and develop those who work for you

If you’re not able to mentor and develop those who work for you, people take notice. When people see that they can’t grow under you, two things can happen: 1. they leave for better opportunities elsewhere, or 2. they stay in place and deliver the minimal amount of work.

3. When you delegate more, you have time to be strategic and consider the big picture

It’s vital that as a leader you be able to consider the big picture, such as future planning, process improvements, resource requirements, and identifying potential problems and constraints. When you’re caught up in the daily detail and firefighting immediate problems and issues, this strategic view is nearly impossible.

Now that you’re inspired to delegate more…

Here’s a handy 3-step process you can use to decide what to delegate and to whom.

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