3 Tips for Hearing More YES at Work

You know that moment when you’re lying in bed staring at the ceiling and you have a golden idea?

Influence tips at work

You’ve come up with the perfect game changing solution that will rocket your team, your business unit, or your current project to stratospheric heights. Or you’ve thought of an initiative that will shift your work culture towards a more positive atmosphere. The only catch is that you’re going to have to convince the key decision makers, like your boss, your colleagues or your customers that this is the best way forward.

Many of us struggle to get buy-in from the right people when we have a great idea. So how do you get them on board? This is how your golden idea can translate to that golden word: yes.

Your influence skills are what impact the people around you to take action on your ideas and recommendations. But first, you need to identify who all the key players are, beyond the person who will ultimately give you the green light. To hear more yes at work, these are the three categories of people you need to identify and influence. They can make or break any pitch you have coming up. 

  1. The SELL Group. This is the clearly identifiable group that never gets left out — the decision makers. They give the yes or no to any request. They are the ones to whom you address your prepared and compelling pitch.
  2. The TELL Group. These are the people who want to make sure they have their hand in what’s going on; they like to be kept in the loop. Frequently, this is the group that gets left out. They may not be the final decision makers but if they’re not informed, they could take it as a slight. And if they do, they could then join a campaign, overtly or not, to thwart you on this or future requests. TELL is the political category. Keeping these individuals apprised is a strategically necessary move. If your boss is not the ultimate decision maker (i.e. not in your SELL group), your boss is a member of the TELL group.
  3. The HELP Group. The third category includes the people you enlist to help you in the influence process. These are well-connected and highly respected individuals in the organization. They also usually hold influence with the decision makers. You want to get them on board before you pitch to the SELL group. They could end up swaying the SELL group in your favor. And in some cases, getting the HELP group on board even after you pitch to the SELL group can still work to your advantage.

Take a moment to think about an important influence situation you have coming up. Pull out your phone or your notepad and quickly jot down answers to these questions:

  • Who’s in your SELL group — that is, the person or people who’ll give you the yes or no?
  • Who’s in your TELL group — politically-speaking, those who should be kept in the information loop about what you’re doing?
  • Who’s in the HELP group — those who can assist you in selling before, during, or even after your actual influence attempt?

Now you’re armed and ready to move forward.

How Do I Get More Influence Tips?

These tips come directly from our secret formula for getting results at work taught as part of The Influence Roadmap® program. We developed The Influence Roadmap® so that talented, capable problem-solvers can increase their impact by skipping the uphill battles and getting the green light on their recommendations and proposals with ease.

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