A Simple Way to Increase Your Visibility at Work

Leaders from VP-level on down have told me in executive coaching sessions and leadership programs how much they dislike having to market their accomplishments at work and wish that their outstanding results could speak for themselves.

How to increase your visibility at work

You may feel similarly. If so, you could be overlooking an everyday opportunity for getting your work known. If you want to be sure that the outstanding work that you’re leading gets cast in the right light to the right people, read on.

Don’t Miss an Easy Opportunity to Let Leaders Know Your Accomplishments

Within the last couple of weeks, how many times have you had informal encounters with other leaders at work — I’m talking about leaders a level or more above you — who’ve asked, “Hey, how are things going?” or “What’s happening?” And all you were prepared to say was, “great, “fine,” or “not too much” and then move on?

Or maybe you spouted off everything you could think of in a long list?  If either of these types of responses has happened, you’re losing a prime-time spot for giving leaders a close-up on what you’re involved in. You need a sound-bite strategy.

Creating Your Sound-bite Strategy

There are 4 steps to preparing your strategy:

  1. Important People. List the 3 most important people who should know about you/your work/your team’s work and who you’re likely to run into in the hallways, elevator, cafeteria, in a meeting, or elsewhere on your work campus.
  2. High-Profile Projects. Next, list the 2-3 high-profile projects you’re working on right now that they would be interested in hearing about. Catalogue the top 2 recent accomplishments as well as the key 1 or 2 milestones you’re expecting to accomplish and when. These are highlights only, not a long list of what’s going on.
  3. Events/Meetings. Then jot down the professional events you’ll be attending or where you’ve been invited to present or speak. They could be in or outside the company. Also add any important meetings you’ve got planned or are facilitating.
  4. Sound Bites. Finally, get your one or two 10 to 15-second sound bites ready for each of the 3 people on your list. This is your chance to highlight what you want to be known for.

With your sound-bite strategy in place, the next time you run into a leader on your list, you won’t need to hurry on by with a “things are great,” or spout a laundry list of items hoping something will stick.

Instead, you’ll be ready with an update that highlights the accomplishments you want to be known for.

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One thought on “A Simple Way to Increase Your Visibility at Work

  1. These ideas not only increase your visibility at work, but they accelerate your career. You have to be able to toot your own horn in an effective way and Denise’s methodology will definitely lead you in the right direction.