How to Position Yourself and Your Personal Brand at Work

The first step in mastering your personal brand identity at work is knowing and declaring your value. Once you’ve solidified your brand, how you position that brand is crucial in making sure it gets you the notice you want.

How to position your personal brand at work

If leaders above you don’t know what you’re working on or are unaware of the results you produce through your projects and initiatives, recognition for your work will likely be attributed to someone else. Here’s how to make sure that you’re the one who’s recognized.

  1. Actively Get the Word Out. Identify one or two crucial leaders who should be aware of your work and devise a plan within the next two weeks for getting and keeping them updated on what you’re doing. You can inform them with a face-to-face or phone meeting, by sending an FYI email with relevant updates, and with the sound-bite formula for informal encounters at work.
  2. Get on High Profile Projects. Decide on at least two high-profile projects you should be assigned to where your skills can be showcased to those who make decisions about your future. Assuming your manager is the one who will give you the go-ahead, make sure your influence pitch is compelling and focuses on the value to your manager, not to you. For tips on how to form a compelling influence pitch, see Chapter 1 in my ebook — it’s free and you can sign up to download it right here on my blog.
  3. Increase Your Value. Stay current by upgrading your skills regularly. This puts you ahead of the game and reminds those who benefit from your value that you’re someone who’s always looking ahead. Decide on one area you want to improve. Within the next week take one small action to get that improvement process started.
  4. Stand By Your Quality Standard. Since you are mainly judged on the high-quality, on-time results you produce, be crystal clear on what people expect of you and deliver against that set of expectations within the expected time frame while meeting the quality standard set. When the quality expected isn’t the quality delivered, your value quotient takes a dive. But when you consistently deliver the best, and the right people are aware, your brand positioning moves up a notch. This week, decide one area that you could improve on. Give yourself up to 60 days to make that happen.

Your skills and results are high value, and you’ve worked to develop your personal brand — now make sure you position that brand so it gets you the notice you want.

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