Denise Brouillette’s Legacy

This is one of my favorite pictures of my mother and me. We took it in October 2015 at Greens Restaurant in San Francisco. An ussie.

Many of you know that LeaderXpress founder Denise Brouillette (photo, right) passed away in February of this year after contending with an aggressive form of cancer for over two years. Denise was my mother and we worked together at LeaderXpress for the better part of two decades. Here at, and previously at, Denise blogged regularly, sharing tips and insights on influence and leadership that people could put into action right away.

Denise loved this blog. She loved sharing practical tips on leadership, management, and influence, and when readers would share how one of her posts applied to their situation at just the right time, she knew that blogging regularly was making a difference to people.

Denise was resolved that her work move ahead and was clear about her wishes for the Leadership Your Way blog and her company, LeaderXpress. She had an expanded vision for both. She asked me to carry this blog forward as I carry the company forward, and together my mother and I invited our senior consultant Betsy Flanagan to partner with me in both.

Over at LeaderXpress we’ve been executing on Denise’s vision throughout 2016 — continuing her work and expanding the company’s offerings, team, and impact. We’ll be bringing that energy here to the Leadership Your Way blog in the coming months. Blogging alongside Betsy and me will be members of the LeaderXpress advisory board as well as our senior consultants, many of whom share a rich and meaningful history with Denise and LeaderXpress.

We’re committed to Denise’s focus on the practical, as well as her core beliefs that leaders are made, not born; that leadership starts with yourself — you must be able to lead yourself before you can lead others; and her belief that each person’s leadership path is unique. It’s in honor of Denise’s impact on her clients, students, friends, and readers that we take Leadership Your Way and LeaderXpress forward.

Please reach out to us with any questions or if you simply want to be in touch.

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