3 Ways to Understand the Political Landscape at Work: Office Politics – Part 2

Without an understanding of office politics you will never become the most effective leader you can be.

3 ways to understand the political landscape at work

In Office Politics: Part 1 I talked about why mastering politics at work is crucial to a leader’s success. Here in part 2 I’ll give you  3 ways to dissect the political landscape at your organization. What may at first appear rocky and treacherous often turns out to be manageable once you know the terrain. Here’s what to do.

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Why You Can’t Ignore Politics at Work: Office Politics – Part 1

You might want to avoid politics at work — but the truth is you’re involved no matter what you do. The good news?  “Office politics” doesn’t have to mean “dirty politics.”

office politics

Not All Politics are Dirty

Politics does not necessarily include deception, jockeying, or betrayal — any of the things we associate with dirty politics. And in fact it most often doesn’t. Here’s why.

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Don’t Get Your Ideas Hijacked in Meetings

Are you in meetings where you put out your ideas, suggestions and opinions, and someone else talks over you? They say the same thing you just said, yet they — and not you — get the credit for the contribution?

are others taking credit for your ideas?

If yes, then you may need to take stock of how you’re communicating your ideas. There are people who specialize in repackaging other people’s ideas as their own — a.k.a. idea theft. But if you experience being hijacked fairly often and with a number of different people, the problem is less likely to do with someone purposefully stealing your ideas and more to do with how you’re packaging your messages.

Following are 4 problems with the way some people communicate that could be going wrong for you.

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4 Tips for Looking Confidently Engaged in Meetings

The body language you use at work sends a message — a message about how engaged you are, how confident you are — and it directly affects how others perceive you.

body language at work

Follow these 4 tips to set yourself up to be perceived as confident and engaged with the important people in the room.

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Body Language at Work: 10 Career-Limiting Behaviors

You may think you have your non-verbals under control, but what if you don’t? Do you click your pen, watch the clock, or check email during meetings?

body language in meetings

If yes, at best others will perceive you as not engaged; at worst, tactless and rude. Neither of those is good for your future.

Do you see anything familiar in the list below?

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