Being More Authentic Increases Creativity and Well-Being

“When we are authentic we are freed up to create.” Psychologist Maria Sirois has dedicated her life to helping others live theirs authentically.


In this short TEDx talk, she discusses what it means to live authentically, and what some of the benefits are to being who we really are:

  • Living an authentic life is how we thrive, and it’s how we get through the toughest challenges in life.
  • Research shows that people who are more authentically themselves innovate more and are more creative.
  • Research also shows that the more authentically we live, the greater our sense of meaning and well-being. The more authentically we live, the happier we are.

Living by Your Values is the Key

One of the cornerstones of living an authentic life is being clear about our values and makingĀ  decisions in life based on what we value most.

Values Assessment — What are Your Top 6 Values?

Here’s a simple yet powerful values assessment to clarify your top 6 values, and either begin to put them into action, or continue to live by them with even greater awareness.

Question: Do you have any tips to share for living more authentically? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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